Welcome to the Bilgay Belgian Tervuren Web Site.  Bilgay Belgian Tervurens Kennel was started in the late 1970’s by Gail and Bill Cooper in Jacksonville, Florida.  They got their first Tervuren, Meg, from Pinky Johnson.  Meg became their foundation bitch and Bilgay Kennels came into being.

Gail became a prominent figure in the world of dogs in Jacksonville.  She was an active member in Orange Park Dog Club, Jacksonville Dog Fanciers, and K-9 Obedience Club.  She was a founding member of the Sunshine Belgian Tervuren Club which is still very active today.  Gail always had an encouraging word for any new comer and made them feel welcome in the Belgian Tervuren world.

Bill became an AKC tracking judge.

I got my first Belgian Tervuren from Gail in the early 1990’s.  Ellie was part of the famous Bilgay’s Summer Litter.  I was hooked on the Tervuren from the very start.  Gail became my mentor and willingly shared all her knowledge about every facet of the Tervurens.  Not only did she teach me about pedigrees and structure, she taught me about fairness and sportmanship.

I became Gail’s partner in Bilgay Belgian Tervurens and together we worked on breeding quality dogs that are not only beautiful, but biddable with a good work ethic.  Gail and Bill are not active in Bilgay Kennels today, but I keep them well informed about what all is going on with the Bilgay lines.

My goal with Bilgay Kennel is to keep breeding high quality Belgian Tervurens, that make wonderful companions.

Lynne Wetherell

[email protected]

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